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Looking for usefull IT-Security sites on the web did lead me to the one of EchoSec (
EchoSec offers a service for location based searches on social media. The site is a platform that
provies public safety, security, journalism and intelligence professionals actionable knowledge
based on aggregated social media and other Information.


If you think this is nothing new, think again! EchoSec managed to detect open available (!) information
e.g. on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Youtube, Instagram and much more networks
and map it all together. And this is getting close to my idea of linking all the API together for a better Monitoring!
See: Soziale Netzwerke: wie wir uns der Überwachung ausliefern (in german)!

The gathered information are posted even by YOU everytime you use your social media accounts.
Your posts are open to the public in many cases, and your nickname might be traceable back to your real name…

On a world-map you are able to trace (footprint) individuals, if they did post e.g. to Twitter with
having their location activated/shared. Further more you are able to drag a boundary on a digital map
and you will get all the social media Feeds from within that special zone & period of time you selected.
Special search terms, Accountnames or hashtags are a good starting point to look up, what you are
looking for in your region or even world-wide!

It is all about location ;-)

It is all about location ;-)

I had the pleasure to test EchoSec with a Pro-Account and I can definitely recommend the service.
If you need to investigate what is going on in a particular place you are able to get live information
so you are up to date. No wonder as EchoSec says it is working hard with Law Enforcement Officers to
optimize the service. The private & confidential Whitepaper and Feature-List, which I am not going to
share here, are quiet promising.

It is about protecting society and not spying!

Some Information, such as possible threats, are detectable with EchoSec. With the option to look back
to a special date you are able to track back possible suspects after something like a robbery or other criminal
action did happen. If you are lucky you can even prove innocence as well…

Location-MI6 U.K.

Location-MI6 U.K.

For a test I did use my own tool to post from several locations such as the MI6 in the U.K, the german
chancellorship and the NSA in Fort Meade ;-)

EchoSec managed to catch my post in realtime and I was able to footprint where I have (virtually) been
with my Twitter account. It did grab the correct banner from what kind of Client I did post my tweet.
In this case from „Tactic4lHQ“ – my own developed CyberToolkit.



The usefull option „fly to“ (where possible, because of geolocation activated), which is indicated by a plane,
lets you jump to the specific publication on the digital map, to look up the location and maybe drag a new
search around the area for deeper investigations.



Social media is the best place to get fast and latest news, on what is going on out there. Not out of pure curiosity,
but to protect the public interest! There are events that might require additional investigative Information such as:

  •  Protests
  •  Riots
  •  Terror attacks
  •  State visits by higher government members
  •  Hostage Situations
  •  General Crisis Scenarios

To name only a few possible rather critical reasons! You are free to look up a good place to go to lunch with
the EchoSec service as well ;-) It is up to you what you use this service for. There are virtually no limits to

I reported some possible improvements to EchoSec, such as simply fix the digital map, so you don’t have to
scroll to the top of the site. Having an API would be pretty cool as well, so you could integrate EchoSec
into your own toolkits (did this with and some others e.g.).
Got a positive feedback, that my suggestions might be on the roadmap now :-) Let’s wait and see.

In my last blogpost about Pegida I mentioned I would write a follow up post. The follow-up would have been
about homegrown terrorism and I wanted to point out how important it is to monitor who is coming back
from crisis countries. In the meantime we all know what did happen in France. Take this blog post as a substitute.
Sometimes you start to give up privacy with a tweet, like, webcheckin or blog post. We need to analyze all the
information we can, to stop things like that have happened in France. It does not mean you are under a general
suspicion! You decided to tweet, like, share and use all the – sometimes even unsecure or- open available platforms
on the net for a better living comfort…..


EchoSec Social Geo Intel Dashboard demo: